Preparing for the Marketing Cloud Email Specialist Certification

I decided to take the Marketing Cloud Email Specialist certification to expand my knowledge on the Marketing Cloud and cleared it successfully. Email Specialist, being one of the three certifications on Marketing Cloud , is also a prerequisite to the Marketing Cloud Consultant Exam.

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Specialist certification is designed for individuals who want to demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and experience in the following areas:

  • Email marketing best practices
  • Message design
  • Subscriber and data management
  • Inbox delivery, email automation, tracking and reporting metrics
  • External integrations with the Marketing Cloud Email application.

About the Exam: 60 multiple-choice questions, 60% passing score , No prerequisites. Registration fee: $200

Preparation time:  40-50 hours(ymmv)

Study Material: Preparing for this certification is pretty easy as all the material is available online with free access.

Start with the Study Guide and go thru all the available information at: and – Email Studio

Trailhead modulesPersonalize Your Customer Journeys with Marketing Cloud  and cover the following modules :Marketing Cloud Basics, Marketing Cloud Studios & Builders and Email Marketing Strategies

Premier Catalog: If you have access to the Premier Catalog, going thru’ these modules would be helpful : Email 101/102/103 and Certification Preparation for Marketing Cloud Email Specialist

Youtube : Marketing Cloud Basics

Note: Journey Builder is not covered in this exam

Few other helpful Resources

Email Marketing best pracitces

Marketing Cloud Email Studio:

Content Builder

Automation Studio

Reports and Tracking


Tip: The exam is pretty straight forward. However, going thru these practice questions on Quizlets would really help.


Good Luck!

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