SFMC LookUp (Answers) – Curated Resources


Last updated: June 9th,2021

One thing I love being a Salesforce customer is that Salesforce not only provides great products and tools but also equips everyone in various roles with a wealth of information and resources. Speaking about just the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, there are several webinars that happen frequently: Ask an Expert, Technical Marketers meeting, Marketing podcasts, Customer Success events, just to name a few.

One among them is the SFMC Lookup (Answers), its is an hour long Q&A session focused on various features and functionalities of Marketing Cloud featuring MVPs and Marketing Champions. Thanks to Guilda for facilitating these sessions. Whether you are getting started with Marketing Cloud, or have spent numerous hours trying to crack something and looking for some expert help and to gain an indepth knowledge – Hop on and you can get all your questions answered.

Here’s a curated list of all past webinars and the recordings. Be sure to follow Guilda to stay updated on all the upcoming webinars

AMPScript best practices – 05/12/2020

Apprehending APIs – 05/26/2020

Roles and Permissions – 06/092020

SSJS – 06/16/2020

Reply Mail Management 07/14/2020

Tracking Dynamic Content07/28/2020

Marketing Cloud Connect – 08/04/2020

Journey Builder Basics

Making API Calls: 09/01/2020

How to Use Litmus in Your SFMC Workflow: 09/15/2020

  • Presenters: Jessica, Jena, Genna and Corrina
  • Recording

Cloud Pages – Deep Dive and Best Practices: 09/22/2020

  • Presenters: Markus Slabina and Cameron Robert
  • Recording

Automation Studio: 10/06/2020

5 Easy Ways to Zhuzh-Up a SFMC Basic template – Part 1: 10/21/2020

5 Easy Ways to Zhuzh-Up a SFMC Basic template – Part 2: 10/28/2020

Get Started with AMP for Email: 02/16/2021

  • Presenters: Manisha Shah, Kevin, Alex, Eliot, Corrina and Genna
  • Recording
  • Passcode: hvJ2c2=p$p

Secure Development in SFMC

  • Presenters: Eliot Harper, Ivan Razine
  • Recording

Year in Review 2020 Session 1

  • Presenters: Corrina, Genna, Zuzanna, Markus, Jason, Greg, Tony, Eliot, Cameron
  • Recording

Year in Review 2020 Session 2

  • Presenters:Corrina, Genna, Zuzanna, Markus, Jason, Greg, Tony, Eliot, Cameron, Adam
  • Recording

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