SFMC LookUp (Answers) – Curated Resources

One thing I love being a Salesforce customer is that Salesforce not only provides great products and tools but also equips everyone in various roles with a wealth of information and resources. Speaking about just the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, there are several webinars that happen frequently: Ask an Expert, Technical Marketers meeting, Marketing podcasts, Customer … Continue reading SFMC LookUp (Answers) – Curated Resources

Technical Marketers Meetings – Curated Resources

Salesforce Marketing Cloud conducts bi-monthly Technical Marketers Meeting with technical experts where they share the latest and key features, best practices, use cases and walk through demos. It is intended for any one in the Marketing domain: Administrators, Developers, Architects, Channel Marketers, Partners. Free to attend and also a great opportunity to discover the latest/key … Continue reading Technical Marketers Meetings – Curated Resources

Marketing Cloud Developer Certification Preparation

Salesforce launched new certifications over the last few days and Marketing Cloud Developer is one of them. This brand new Marketing Cloud Developer certification gave me a good opportunity to test my knowledge and dig in-depth into AMPScript, APIs and the implementation best practices. Marketing Cloud Developer Certification is designed for Marketing Cloud developers who … Continue reading Marketing Cloud Developer Certification Preparation