My Year in a Review

My 2023 – Ongoing Speaking Sessions

✨ Skillible- Women for Tech: Salesforce Orientation Program for Women on Career Break, 1/5/2023-

✨ Chennai Marketers Group: CDP and its use cases, 1/7/2023 –

✨ Singapore Marketers Group: Email Studio Reporting & Analytics, 2/19/2023-

✨ Singapore Marketers Group: Email Studio Best Practices, 2/23/2023 –

✨ Marketing Champions Webinar, 2/10/2023 –

✨ CGL Bevy of Knowledge Webinar | March 2023 – Organized by Salesforce Trailblazer Community Group

✨ Volunteer – Salesforce Architect Summit | April 2023 –

✨ Co-Organizer and Speaker at MC ²  | April 2023 – Marketing Cloud Intelligence Reports

✨ Singapore Marketers Group – Einstein Email Recommendations, 5/6/2023 –

✨ Trek to Tech, 5/5/2023 – Your Salesforce Journey

✨ AMPscript Bootcamp: AMPscript Overview and Getting Started, 5/6/2023

✨ India Dreamin’ – Create Personalized Moments with Marketing Cloud Personalization, 5/20/2023

My 2022 in a Review

🎉 As a founder and co-leader of Salesforce Marketer Group(MC)Phoenix, I am glad to see the group grow from 1 to 3️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣+ members today. ⭐ 5️⃣1️⃣ meetings conducted including MC Email Specialist Certification 12-Day Bootcamp, Implementation Series_22-12 part series, SSJS & #impactforce sessions, volunteer events and many more

🎉 The YouTube channel: Trailblazing Together(@MCLearningCamp) has 5200+ subscribers actively following the content with 277,000 views and 6️⃣0️⃣1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣+ hours watch time

🎉 MCLearningCamp slack channel is now 2️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣+ members strong

🙏💖Its an humbling opportunity to be in the MC²organizing team and collaborate in bringing the community conference for the Marketing Cloud trailblazers

🙏💖Never a day goes without seeing a post from countless trailblazers benefitting from the @MCLearningCamp MC bootcamps and clearing their certifications. Its makes my day everytime I see such messages and makes me feel all the efforts are worth it.

Had the honor of participating in various Dreamin and community driven events as a speaker and share my knowledge:

✨ MC²: Getting started with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

✨ CRM-Stage: Unleash the Power of Salesforce Marketing Cloud Customer Data Platform #cdp

✨Cactusforce_22: Core Member

✨ Cactusforce_23: Volunteer

✨ WIT Dreamin: How to Accelerate your career as a Marketing Cloud Consultant

✨ Salesforce Virtual Internship Program: by SmartBridge partnered with Salesforce and AICTE

✨ Kolkata Community User Group: Kickoff and Introduction to Marketing Cloud

✨ Jaipur User Group: Inaugural Event and Panel Discussion

✨ Hyderabad User Group: How to Stand Out in your career

Salesforce WIT Group, 9/8

✨ Kanpur User Group: Introduction to Marketing Cloud/Subscriber Data Management

✨ Kanpur User Group: Journey Builder Concepts

✨Phoenix User Group- #impactforce: How to gain Salesforce project experience

✨ Phoenix User Group-#marketingcloud Email Specialist Bootcamp: Journey Builder

✨ #implementation Series: Salesforce Marketing Cloud Development Basics

✨ Chennai User Group: Career Guidance

✨ Guest Speaker – Candid Conversation with Shashi

✨ Panel Member: ‘Seven Proven Strategies to Pass Salesforce Exam’

✨ Panel Member: ‘3 Effective ways to prepare and pass your #salesforce #certifications

✨ CRM_Stage: Unleash the Power of Marketing Cloud Customer Data Platform

✨ Guest Speaker: #goldies #podcast : Life With Goldie

Very heartening to meet the #SalesforceOhana after long time and fortunate to meet many leaders and marketing champions for the first time

My 2021 in a Review

What an amazing year it was. It was an outstanding year since my career in Salesforce has started.

I have faced many challenges on the personal end – kids online school, managing work and handling my two boys single handedly – felt the burnout and almost started feeling the depression. I couldn’t take even a single certification exam and only kept pushing the dates.

One thing that kept me going was my engagement in the community events and my passion to #payitforward to the #SalesforceOhana.

As I look back, I feel proud to see the #events conducted, the #impact they have made and it makes me very happy to hear the stories of 100s of #trailblazers clearing their #marketingcloud#certifications and reaching out to me thanking how the #sessions have been helpful in their journey. My 1:1 consultation sessions with the trailblazers starting their career in Salesforce Marketing Cloud and planning for career switch helped 50+ pursue their #career in MC.

⭐ 4️⃣7️⃣ meetings : Marketing Cloud Consultant 8-Day Bootcamp, Marketing Cloud Developer 5-Day Bootcamp, Marketing Cloud Administrator 12-Day Bootcamp, #impactforce sessions and many more
⭐1️⃣0️⃣8️⃣8️⃣8️⃣ attendees with an average of 2️⃣3️⃣2️⃣ per meeting

🎉 As a founder of Salesforce Marketer Group(MC)Phoenix, I am glad to see the group grow from 1 to ~2000 members today.

Had the honor of participating in various Dreamin and community driven events as a speaker and share my knowledge:
✨ London’s Calling: 10 Tips to Create Effective and Interactive Emails
✨ Consultancy Dreamin: How to Accelerate your Career as a Marketing Cloud Consultant
✨ StudentDreamin2021,Keynote Speaker, Greater Noida, #India 12/10
✨ Bethune Cookman University: Automation Studio
✨ Bethune Cookman University: Journey Builder
✨ ApexHours: Journey Builder
✨ #sfmc#resources , Warsaw, Poland, 12/1
✨ WIT DC: Empowering Intersectional Identities through STEM
Salesforce WIT Group, 9/8
✨ Importance of Women in STEM, #SheforceWIT, 3/30
✨ #champions Stories, SheforceWIT, Jan
✨ #MakinganImpact: Community Stories with a Panel of Amazing Trailblazers!! Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, 8/26
✨Email #Personalization and Best Practices, Manila, Philippines,
✨Center of Excellence Best Practices Panel with Velu and team
✨ #ImpactSalesforceSaturday: How to Stand out and Land Your Dream Job, New Delhi, India, 5/29
✨ #TalentHub#podcast
✨ podcast with Salesforce WIT Group,Kolkata
✨ #Journey Builder Best practices – co-author of blogpost, email uplers
✨ #ImpactSalesforceSaturday: Good-Bye to 2021,12/18

🏆 Glad to be recognized as the Salesforce Trailblazing Women of the Month, June, 21

🏆 🏆 Receiving the #GoldenHoodie during #CNX21 tops everything and remains as one of the memorable moments of my life.. Many thanks to SalesforceGuilda HilaireSarah Franklin#trailblazercommunity team for the recognition. Thanks to all my friends in the #trailblazercommunity and to the #ohana for the support

📢📢📢📢 Nothing can stop you and the struggles can only make you stronger!!

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