Salesforce Champions share their stories of Leadership, Advocacy and Generosity

A Salesforce Champion is one who shares his/her knowledge and passion, drives digital transformation, advocates and empowers the community, and helps other succeed in the Trailblazer Community

Salesforce revamped the Champions programs during Salesforce DreamTX 2020 events and introduced five different Champions programs: Sales Champion, Service Champion, Marketing Champion, Commerce Champion and Platform Champion. Being a Salesforce Champion has its perks: opportunity to connect with like-minded peers, career and leadership development programs, collaborate with Salesforce product and business leaders and many more.

To be a champion requires more than simply being a strong player; one has to be a strong human being as well. Champions have to have the skill and the will, and the will must be stronger than the skill. If you are looking for some inspiration and motivation, hear from the stories of Salesforce Champions who went above and beyond, sharing their expertise and helped community with their Advocacy and Mentorship.

Lucy Mazalon

  • Pardot and Salesforce Consultant, Editor and The DRIP
  • Salesforce Marketing Champion 2020
"The Champions have unrivaled enthusiasm and are incredibly supportive. I have really valued being part of a network of experts who share the same passions as me. The Marketing Champions come with expertise in different marketing products, which has showcased highlights of what’s happening in the Marketing Cloud/Datorama spaces - serving as a 'what you REALLY need to know' about these cutting-edge and fast-evolving Salesforce platform products."

Kerry Townsend

  • Principal Consultant @AmberStar Consulting Ltd
  • London, Salesforce Marketers Group Leader
  • Salesforce Marketing Champion 2020 and MVP

Kerry Townsend has been working with Salesforce since 2006. Being a former Marketing Manager she was eager to work with Marketing Cloud as soon as the opportunity arose. Since then she has worked with a series of clients on their journey adopting marketing automation with Marketing Cloud and Service Cloud.

I am so pleased at how much demystifying and learning content we have seen from Salesforce this year and also the consolidation of functionality in the Setup area of MC.”      

This year Kerry has given sessions about ‘Getting to know marketing cloud’ at the Xforce Summit and at Wellington,NZ, Admin Community Group – although she would have preferred to attend in person. The increased time at home has also had some benefits, as she has found the time to study and pass the Marketing Cloud Admin and Developer exams.

 “For the first time, this year we had a dedicated Marketing Technology Track at London’s Calling.  As the pandemic hit I am proud that we were able to keep our London marketer community together by going online so there was an option for those that wanted to connect. We have also made the recordings of these events available on a YouTube channel, SFMCLondon, to help with the mission of enabling more people to know and understand Marketing Cloud.”

Justice P. Sikakane, Sr.

  • Director of IT @Hennepin Theatre Trust
  • Salesforce Champion 2020
"As a Salesforce Champion, I've been very fortunate to be viewed upon as a subject matter expert and thought leader in the industry. From deploying entire governance strategies and processes in Salesforce for multiple organizations to deduplicating Salesforce databases. I've worked through the years to unleash the power of Salesforce for the greater good of organizations in support of their business objectives and goals."

Om Prakash

  • Salesforce Certified Application Architect
  • Salesforce Platform Champion, MVP
  • Salesforce Group Leader, Motihari

Om Prakash is an experienced developer & architect who loves to build, connect, and manage the solutions on the Salesforce Platform. He is continuously learning with Trailhead and sharing his knowledge via Answers on #TrailblazerCommunity and mentoring many fellow Trailblazers globally. He has been also speaking and presenting on multiple topics in various community Groups and Colleges. He feels motivated by every individual who believes their role is not only limited to them but their role is to BAM (Be a Multiplier)- to helps others succeed and also have a responsibility for our next generation. He feels empowered and fortunate to be part of the Salesforce Ecosystem with various responsibilities along with recognization as a Champion where he has wider opportunities and motivation to learn more and share more.

Janet Elliott

  • Technical Program Manager
  • Salesforce Platform Champion
  • Sacramento WIT Group Leader
  • Sacramento Salesforce Saturday Co-founder
"Being a Lightning Champion this past year has been such a great experience. I have answered questions on webinars, presented at community groups and conferences, written articles, been on Trailhead Live and provided feedback to Product Owners at Salesforce. I have also enjoyed the exclusive learning and leadership opportunities that Salesforce hosts for Lightning Champions. As an evangelist for the platform, I have been motivated to keep on top of new features and understand how to leverage existing features. Having the opportunity to give back to the Trailblazer Community has been really rewarding."

Esha Garg

  • Salesforce Marketing Engineer @DazeWorks
  • Salesforce Marketing Champion 2020
"Being a #MarketingChampion2020 I've tried to connect with the experts globally, learn from them and educate the awesome trailblazer community on Pardot and Marketing cloud. The best I could serve the previous year was the Pardot specialist bootcamp in june'20 and Pardot consultant bootcamp in jan'21. I'm also proud to say that being a group leader of Salesforce Marketers Group(Pardot), New Delhi, India I was able to share my subject expertise with the community. I was able to co-host #BlazeYourCertification, a campaign to guide trailblazers on road to Salesforce Admin Certification. Also, as Trailhead is for everyone, I came up with an initiative of #SalesforceKidsIN to teach kids Salesforce through Trailhead"

Morgan E. Wiedmann

  • Business Consultant/Marketing Strategist @Cheshire Impact
  • Salesforce Marketing Champion 2020
Over the past year, I have been honored to participate in the Salesforce Marketing Champion program and look forward to continuing to share my expertise in the Pardot and Salesforce ecosystem! I kicked my activities off last year with a blog post on how this virtual world isn’t stopping Trailblazers, then shared insight from my previous experiences as a customer in a peer insight group, after I hosted the NH B2B User Group event, and then my inner journalist came out and I blogged about the event, which led me to a publication on Pardot’s blog! And the activities kept going as I shared my love the Pardot Life Hacks’ podcast with the topic of Connected Campaigns, followed by a publication in The DRIP,  to my most recent the speaking engagement during the Pardot New Delhi User Group’s Pardot Consultant Bootcamp, where I spoke on day four with all things email marketing! I am excited to share with the Trailblazer Community my next upcoming activities, as well as continue to blaze my trails and be inspired by the amazing fellow Marketing Champions.

Natasha Gilani

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Architect
  • Toronto Salesforce Group Leader
  • Salesforce Marketing Champion 2020
My journey as a Marketing Champion officially kicked off in 2020 when I applied to the Champions program. Since then I've participated in dozens of speaking engagements, written blog posts, lead and participated in learning sessions and shared my time and experiences with others looking to excel in this space. It's been an honour to be a member of what is turning into the largest and most active tech communities in the world, where every member is empowered to learn and give back and that is what we all live by. It's  been an absolute privilege to be a Salesforce Marketing Champion and I for one look forward to seeing our work benefit hundreds of thousands of people around the world!

Jyothsna Bitra

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Architect
  • Phoenix, Salesforce Marketers Group Founder and Co-leader
  • Salesforce Champion since 2019
I got onboarded into the Champions Program in 2019 and transitioned to Marketing Champions Program in 2020. I am glad being a part of this Program as it gave me an opportunity to connect with fellow Champions, collaborate with Salesforce Product experts and give back to the community on a larger scale. This year, I have conducted the Marketing Cloud Administrator Bootcamp, founded the "Impactforce", spoke at multiple conference and user group meetings and shared my knowledge. My most memorable moment is to be on a Salesforce Champions Panel at DreamTx 2020 with Vala Afshar and fellow Champions and share my contributions and experience. I feel fortunate and proud to be a Champion as it gave me access to the Champions Elevate program and helped me hone my leadership skills and to progress further in my career.

Kudos to all the inspiring Champions who have been passionately sharing their knowledge and helping the community. If you are not yet a Salesforce Champion, why wait? Apply now to be a Salesforce Champion.

To learn more about the Salesforce Champions Program, check this out and watch this session recording

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