Marketing Cloud Implementation Series

Marketing Cloud Implementation Series is aimed to help MC Learners in gaining a practical understanding and the implementation know-how. These sessions will focus more on the demo -starting from the business requirements thru all the steps of the implementation.

Sessions to be kicked off soon and below are the use cases that are lined up. Please fill out this form if you are interested to present on any use case and its implementation

  • Surya Kiran
    • Three types of dynamic sender profiles: a)SQL b) AMPScript Content Block c) Admin
    • Track the engagement split clicks for personalization links using Data Views
  • Abhishek Anand
    • Automation status Check: using cloud page(SSJS)
    • Double Opt-in Process using Cloud Pages
  • Anfal Mahammed
    • Managing Data Extension Using SSJS
    • Add/Update All Subscribers from Data Extension via SSJS
    • SSJS & AMPscript with Google Drive + Cloud Page in SFMC
  • Manjunath
    • Triggered send Status through Cloud pages
    • Email Send based on Timezone
    • Contact Deletion
  • Vishal
    • Dynamic verification of an email address in a DE from a registration form using AJAX
    • Parse and display incoming JSON (PRODUCT, QUANTITY) using SSJS
    • Working with GitHub and cloud pages
  • Manish
    • Interactive Email
    • SAP Domain Change Considerations
  • Shradha
    • Trigger a journey based on business rules
      • a. Segmentation based on attributes
      • b. Recording first time click in the journey
      • c. No subscriber present in same path simultaneously, but can be present in different segment at the same time
    • Reporting automation to send email about files dropped at FTP on each day from a campaign.
  • Drishti
    • claim coupon codes using Ampscript.
    • Email Sends till date in an account using SSJS
  • Nandita
    • Key considerations on how to setup multi-BU setup in Marketing cloud including SAP packages, SSLs, sender profiles etc
    • Walk through of key steps when setting up a brand new sending business unit in Marketing Cloud
    • How to setup a sample SMS campaign in Mobile Studio (2-3 different types of campaigns and how to go about storing and captured data from these campaigns)
  • Kanika
    • Leveraging Auto-Suppression List to remove bounces thus improving the email deliverability.
    • Leverage parameter manager to add campaign source/ any other unique code in Sendlogs. Which later can be used for creating the custom reports
  • Megha
    • Triggered email send on form submission through SFMC form
    • Salesforce object field values update via journey builder using data extension as entry source and data coming from SFMC form
  • Subrat Sahu
    • Two click unsubscribe with Ampscript
    • Creating data extensions via API’s in marketing cloud
  • Ashutosh
    • Enter audience into the journey by an API event.
    • Send log data extensions and locate the send log data extension using WSproxy
  • Jyothsna Bitra
    • Installed Packages, Postman and SFMC tools

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