Marketing Cloud Implementation Series_2022

Marketing Cloud Implementation Series is aimed to help MC Learners in gaining a practical understanding and the implementation know-how. These sessions will focus more on the demo -starting from the business requirements thru all the steps of the implementation.

All the sessions are recorded and are uploaded to the Playlist: Marketing Cloud Implementation Series_2022

  • Bogdan Enache
    • Dealing with dynamic data in a Journey-Email address changes & Consent/Subscription changes
  • Abhishek Anand
    • Automation status Check: using cloud page(SSJS)
    • Double Opt-in Process using Cloud Pages
  • Ashutosh
    • Two click unsubscribe with Ampscript
    • Creating data extensions via API’s in marketing cloud
  • Jyothsna Bitra
    • Marketing Cloud Development Landscape
    • Installed Packages
    • Getting started with Postman
  • Vishal Kumar CV
    • Dynamic verification of an email address in a DE from a registration form using AJAX
    • Parse and display incoming JSON (PRODUCT, QUANTITY) using SSJS
    • Working with GitHub and cloud pages
  • Surya Kiran
    • Setting Dynamic Sender Profiles
  • Drishti
    • Claim coupon codes using Ampscript.
    • Email Sends till date in an account using SSJS
  • Manjunath
    • Triggered send Status through Cloud pages
    • Email Send based on Timezone
  • Mathes Kanagarajan
    • Authenticating Marketing Cloud CloudPages using Okta coding with ngrok and vscode
  • Mateusz Dabrowski
    • When AppExchange is right and what to do when it’s wrong
  • Vladimir Silak
    • Mobile Studio Use Cases
  • Kunal Parik
    • Marketing Cloud End to End Implementation and Integration

In the Works:

  • Nandita
    • Key considerations on how to setup multi-BU setup in Marketing cloud including SAP packages, SSLs, sender profiles etc
    • Walk through of key steps when setting up a brand new sending business unit in Marketing Cloud
    • How to setup a sample SMS campaign in Mobile Studio (2-3 different types of campaigns and how to go about storing and captured data from these campaigns)
  • Kanika
    • Leveraging Auto-Suppression List to remove bounces thus improving the email deliverability.
    • Leverage parameter manager to add campaign source/ any other unique code in Sendlogs. Which later can be used for creating the custom reports
  • Megha
    • Triggered email send on form submission through SFMC form
    • Salesforce object field values update via journey builder using data extension as entry source and data coming from SFMC form
  • Subrat Sahu
    • Two click unsubscribe with Ampscript
    • Creating data extensions via API’s in marketing cloud
    • Enter audience into the journey by an API event.
    • Send log data extensions and locate the send log data extension using WSproxy

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