Marketing Cloud Implementation Series

Marketing Cloud Implementation Series is aimed to help MC Learners in gaining a practical understanding and the implementation know-how. These sessions will focus more on the demo -starting from the business requirements thru all the steps of the implementation. Sessions to be kicked off soon and below are the use cases that are lined up. … Continue reading Marketing Cloud Implementation Series

How to prepare for the Marketing Cloud Email Specialist Certification

Trailhead Live on-demand sessions: Episode 1: Cert Prep: MC Specialist - Subscriber and Data Management (75 mins)Episode 2: Cert Prep: MC Specialist - Content, Email Design, and Best Practices (95 mins)Episode 3: Cert Prep: MC Specialist - Marketing Automation and Reporting (90 mins) Salesforce Certification Day Webinar (5 hrs): Useful Blogs and … Continue reading How to prepare for the Marketing Cloud Email Specialist Certification

Marketing Cloud/Pardot Weekly Bulletin: April 19, 2021

Highlights Connections 2021Plural Sight Courses Free entire AprilUnspoken Challenges: Solving email marketing challenges few talk about Marketing Cloud – Upcoming Events/Webinars/User Group Meetings SFMC Lookup (Answers) – Connecting Salesforce CMS with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, April 20thQ2 2021 Philadelphia Marketing Cloud User Group Meeting: Thu, Apr 29, 7:00 PM (EDT)Accenture Salesforce Marketing Cloud DevTools (mcdev), SFMC Paris User … Continue reading Marketing Cloud/Pardot Weekly Bulletin: April 19, 2021

Salesforce Champions share their stories of Leadership, Advocacy and Generosity

A Salesforce Champion is one who shares his/her knowledge and passion, drives digital transformation, advocates and empowers the community, and helps other succeed in the Trailblazer Community Salesforce revamped the Champions programs during Salesforce DreamTX 2020 events and introduced five different Champions programs: Sales Champion, Service Champion, Marketing Champion, Commerce Champion and Platform Champion. Being a Salesforce … Continue reading Salesforce Champions share their stories of Leadership, Advocacy and Generosity

Marketing Cloud Administrator BootCamp ’20 Recordings

Useful Blogpost: How to prepare for Marketing Cloud Administrator Certification and all the detailed Study notes per each exam objective • Digital marketing proficiency• Subscriber data management• Setup• Channel management• Maintenance Here's a list of all bootcamp sessions and their recording links along with the presentations. Youtube playlist : Salesforce Marketers Group All Presentations can be found here. Day-1: Welcome, … Continue reading Marketing Cloud Administrator BootCamp ’20 Recordings

Journey Builder – Path Optimizer

Maximizing ROI thru Experimentation Experimentation and trying new things is the key to success in most aspects of life, from science to art to marketing. Marketers have strong intuitive abilities to come up with various hypothesis. But how do we find out which hypothesis are true and which are false? Sometimes our intuition may not … Continue reading Journey Builder – Path Optimizer

Salesforce Marketing Cloud + Pardot Webinars, Recordings, YouTube links and Resources

Last edited: 11/21/2021 Marketing Cloud Webinars MC Tech Lounge SeriesMC Basics Webinar SeriesTrailhead LiveSalesforce Marketing Cloud Technical Marketers MeetingsMaster your Marketing Workshop SeriesHoliday Helper: High Peak Readiness Video SeriesSFMC LookUp (Answers)Marketing in Motion seriesGetting Started with Marketing Cloud by Kerry TownsendSalesforce Marketing Cloud Foundation SeriesAMP Script Basics by Zuzanna and Genna MatsonPart-1 Presentation and RecordingPart-2 … Continue reading Salesforce Marketing Cloud + Pardot Webinars, Recordings, YouTube links and Resources

SFMC LookUp (Answers) – Curated Resources

Last updated: June 9th,2021 One thing I love being a Salesforce customer is that Salesforce not only provides great products and tools but also equips everyone in various roles with a wealth of information and resources. Speaking about just the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, there are several webinars that happen frequently: Ask an Expert, Technical Marketers … Continue reading SFMC LookUp (Answers) – Curated Resources

Technical Marketers Meetings – Curated Resources

Last updated: June 9th, 2021 Salesforce Marketing Cloud conducts bi-monthly Technical Marketers Meeting with technical experts where they share the latest and key features, best practices, use cases and walk through demos. It is intended for any one in the Marketing domain: Administrators, Developers, Architects, Channel Marketers, Partners. Thanks to Guilda for facilitating these sessions. … Continue reading Technical Marketers Meetings – Curated Resources