About Me

Marketing Champion, Salesforce Marketers(MC) Phoenix Group Leader and 16x Salesforce Certified Application Architect

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. Here’s a quick intro about me.

I got introduced to the Salesforce Eco System nearly a decade ago, worked in multiple techno-functional roles while gaining cross-cloud expertise which consequently led me to explore Marketing Cloud. Since then, I found my love for Marketing Cloud and Pardot and have been consulting on various marketing projects for more than 5 years. Prior to my Salesforce journey, I worked as a developer and Release Manager.

I am passionate to solve complex problems and create successful digital marketing solutions. I am a life long learner, self motivated and I aspire to motivate, give back and help others in all ways possible. I lead the Phoenix, B2C Marketers User Group and active in the Salesforce community. I ran multiple study groups, conducted BAM sessions and introduced Salesforce to many individuals while constantly providing guidance and support along their Salesforce journey.

Outside of my Salesforce world, I have a wonderful and supportive husband and two naughty boys, 7 and 5, who know about every Salesforce mascot that exists, and also a little bit about Marketing Cloud/Digital Marketing.

I believe my existence has a purpose and I actively involve in various social causes and initiatives and volunteer for multiple non-profit organizations. Also a founder of a small women empowerment group in the local community focused on helping individuals improve their communication skills, gain confidence and land in their first jobs.