Marketing Cloud Administrator BootCamp ’20 Recordings

Useful Blogpost: How to prepare for Marketing Cloud Administrator Certification and all the detailed Study notes per each exam objective

• Digital marketing proficiency
• Subscriber data management
• Setup
• Channel management
• Maintenance

Here’s a list of all bootcamp sessions and their recording links along with the presentations.

Youtube playlist : Salesforce Marketers Group

All Presentations can be found here.

  • Day-1: Welcome, BootCamp Overview, Certification Overview
  • Day-2: Marketing Cloud Products: Social Studio, Mobile Studio, Advertising Studio, Interaction Studio, Web Studio
  • Day-3: Subscriber Data Management: Contact Model Overview, Data Extensions Overview, Attribute Groups, Contact Deletion, Profile and Preference Centers.
  • Day-4: Set Up – Permissions and Security, Configuring Integrations
    • Speaker: Jackie Mennie
  • Day-5: Set Up – Configuring BUs, Setup features
  • Day-6: MC Extension Products
  • Day-7: Channel Management – Email Studio Configuration
  • Day-8: Channel Management – Journey Builder Configuration and MC Connect
  • Day-9: Digital Marketing Proficiency – Best Practices and Compliance
  • Day-10: Maintenance – Data Cleanup, Reports and Managing Accounts

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