Technical Marketers Meetings – Curated Resources


Last updated: June 9th, 2021

Salesforce Marketing Cloud conducts bi-monthly Technical Marketers Meeting with technical experts where they share the latest and key features, best practices, use cases and walk through demos. It is intended for any one in the Marketing domain: Administrators, Developers, Architects, Channel Marketers, Partners. Thanks to Guilda for facilitating these sessions.

Free to attend and also a great opportunity to discover the latest/key features directly from the Salesforce’s technical experts, explore it live thru walk through demos and get our questions answered.

I personally have benefited so much from these meetings by gaining deep insights directly from the Salesforce’s product experts. Compiling a list of all the past webinars, recordings, related blog posts and other additional resources so it can be helpful for those who missed the past webinars.

Journey Builder: Custom Activities – 04/23/2020

MC Deliverability 201: Domains, IP Address, Authentication & More – 05/14/2020

Distributed Marketing: Best Practices for Implementation and Deployment – 05/28/2020

Technical Overview of Interactive Email Forms – 06/11/2020

SMS Deep Dive – 06/25/2020

Journey Builder: Path Optimizer – 07/09/2020

Social Studio: Technical Deep Dive- 07/23/2020

Content Builder Block SDK – 08/06/2020

  • Product Expert: Bobby Wilkes and Jenny
  • Recording

SMS Deep Dive – 09/02/2020

Einstein Engagement Frequency and Scoring – 09/10/2020

Deep Dive of Interaction Studio – 09/17/2020

  • Product Expert: Andy Zimmerman, Max Ebb, Dan Cohen and Katie Wheeler
  • Recording

Marketing Cloud Security Suite – 10/01/2020

Mobile Push and Geolocation – 10/15/2020

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