What is Distributed Marketing?

This month’s technical topic is a deep dive of Distributed Marketing best practices for workflows, implementation and deployment. It was an awesome session led by Will Kolbus, Senior Product Manager. Here are the key takeaways from the session.


  • Why Distributed Marketing
  • Solution Harbor Cruise
  • Use Case Deep Dive
  • Q&A
  • Resources

Distributed Marketing empowers advisors, partners, dealers, and more to inform, market and sell to their customers at scale. The solution brings corporate marketing and business partners together, helping brands deliver more consistent experiences through every touch point while reducing the risk of non-compliant messaging, increasing productivity, and helping users more efficiently engage with more of their books of business.

Distributed Marketing Value:

  • Increase Retention
  • Increase Productivity
  • Increase Compliance

Distributed Marketing doesn’t necessarily involve Marketing assets but can include varied content like knowledge articles, etc.,

Distributed Marketing Prequisites:

Distributed Marketing is a licensed product and it requires certain products, licenses and permissions :

  • Marketing Cloud with Journey Builder enabled
  • Salesforce Sales, Service, Community, or Industry Clouds with access to the appropriate objects, features, and capacities
  • Salesforce Connect
  • Optionally Mobile Connect and Mobile Studio
  • More details on this can be found here

Distributed Marketing Workflow:

Distributed Marketing Building blocks:

  • In the Marketing Cloud:
    • Journey Builder : Email Activity, SMS Activity
    • Content Builder: Custom Content Blocks and a Sender Profile for DM
  • In Salesforce:
    • Managed Package which provides extended standard and custom workflows, pushes upgrades and provides managed access

Implementation Steps in the Marketing Cloud include:

  • Creating a DE withall fields that DM needs
  • Email Content
  • Journey using API Entry Event and the email
  • Sender Profile for DM

Distributed Marketing Sample Use Cases:

  • Birthdays and Anniversaries
  • Regional Holidays
  • Life and World Events

A business user/account manager can send individual emails or to a list(Single Send/Bulk Send) in CRM by

  • Quick Send
  • Campaign Send

Every single send goes thru Marketing Cloud which gives Marketing cloud full visibility on what content and behaviors are really helpful and working.




About Technical Marketers monthly meeting:

Salesforce Marketing Cloud conducts Technical Marketers Monthly Meeting with technical experts where they share the latest and key features, best practices, use cases and walk through demos. It is intended for any one in the Marketing domain: Administrators, Developers, Architects, Channel Marketers, Partners. It is free to attend and also a great opportunity to discover the latest/key features directly from the Salesforce’s technical experts, explore it live thru walk through demos and get the questions answered.

This happens bi-monthly, be sure to follow Guilda Hilaire for the latest updates on schedule and topics for the upcoming meetings.

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