Marketing Cloud Administrator Certification Study Guide–Part 4: Channel Management

This section of the exam makes up 16% of the overall exam, ~ 10 questions, and tests these topics.
• Mobile Studio configurations
• Email Studio configurations
• Social Studio configurations
• Advertising Studio configurations
• Journey Builder configurations

Mobile Studio

Create, send, receive, and track SMS and MMS text messages using MobileConnect. Send alerts and transactional messages to subscribers using templates and a drag-and-drop interface. Automatically respond to incoming messages, manage keywords, and many other tasks.

Marketing Cloud MobilePush lets you create and send notifications to encourage use of your app. To target your notifications to the best audience, use data about your users from multiple channels. Easily integrate your push notification campaigns with any email, SMS, or social media campaign.

Use GroupConnect to send messages to contacts via messaging apps. Currently, GroupConnect supports the LINE mobile messaging app and Facebook Messenger (available only via chat messaging API). The LINE app is integrated into Content Builder and Journey Builder. Use GroupConnect to create and send messages, manage contact subscriptions, and review messaging activities

Super Messages: A Super Message is a unit of customer experience than can be used as an email message, SMS message, MMS message, mobile push message, social mention, web impression, or landing page impression.

Email Studio

Social Studio

With Social Studio you can:

Configure workspaces to quickly organize teams by region—either across the world, country, or down the street—and organize workspaces by brand or business function. You can use workspaces to promote collaboration for campaigns, content creation, and publishing.

Schedule and design content on workspace calendars. You can manage your future and past content calendar with fully featured planning and scheduling tools designed for teams.

Create social content tailored to specific networks using our intelligent social network platform that goes beyond just a text entry box. Attach images or video for more impact.

Preview and approve content before going live using easy-to-create customized approval rules. Approval rules protect your brand integrity and ensure a consistent voice. Notifications for approvers appear in Social Studio and by email. If you’re logged in and using Social Studio Mobile, notifications appear as push notifications.

Engage and respond to your social audience and focus on the changing content. You can use shortcuts and bulk actions aligning objectives, teams, and permissions with other content goals.

Automate common actions and processes for classifying, reporting, and routing content using macros.

Advertising Studio

With Advertising Studio you can:

  • Use CRM data to reach customers and prospects on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Attract new prospects whose purchasing habits behave like your current high-value customers using Salesforce with Facebook Lookalike Audiences or Google Similar Audiences.
  • Coordinate advertising with email to reach more of your audience. Increase the potential for more sales by targeting customers in email and ad platforms, such as LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • Effectively identify and reconnect with customers who are no longer interacting with your brand—and connect with them on their preferred channel.
  • Improve ROI and reduce spend by optimizing your ad campaigns and suppressing irrelevant audiences from your campaigns.
  • Connect with Pardot and Sales Cloud to coordinate your advertising with lead scoring, email nurture campaigns, and your sales teams.
  • Create Facebook ad campaigns in Journey Builder to extend the reach of your email marketing and build cross-channel journeys across email, mobile, and Facebook ads—without a separate digital advertising team.
  • Automatically take leads you get from Facebook and integrate them into Salesforce—then take immediate action with sales and marketing teams.
  • Increase the ROI from your Google Ads strategy by segmenting your prospects and existing customer campaigns.
  • Synchronize customer records instantly from any digital channel and make sure they’re always up to date—whether you’re managing campaigns for dozens or millions.

Interaction Studio

Get omnichannel next best action and orchestration from real-time insights into your customers’ journeys.

Interaction Studio Customer showing how customers move through lifecycle stages

Journey Builder


Datorama marketing intelligence platform helps you hold every investment and activity accountable.

  • Connect and unify all your marketing data and insights in one centralized platform across Marketing Cloud technologies and any other tools and technologies in the market—with clicks, not code.
  • Analyze and report across all channels and campaigns so every stakeholder in the organization has the right information at their fingertips. Visualize AI-powered insights across all data to take action at scale to achieve KPIs.
  • Act and collaborate to drive ROI to bring the organization together toward common goals using built-in activation and collaboration tools to connect your marketing technology stack and decision makers.


Einstein Messaging Insights

Einstein Engagement Scoring

Einstein Engagement Frequency

Einstein Send Time Optimization

Einstein Web Recommendation

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